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Snowflake + Wavicle

Wavicle understands implicitly that migrating crucial on-premises data to cloud-based platforms is only the first step in creating a truly data-driven enterprise that achieves the most out its data assets. We are enthusiastic professional service partners with Snowflake, a cloud-native MPP DBMS for transferring, customizing, and managing secure cloud data warehouse systems.


Snowflake is different than other DBMS solutions in its ability to both straightforwardly migrate data assets and create enterprise data lakes that are ready-made for analytics right out of the gate. Our data warehouse engineers are among the leading specialists in the Chicago area successfully assimilating Snowflake’s unique architecture and capabilities with our partner Talend’s proprietary Snowflake Connector for Talend Cloud Platform and Talend Studio customization tools. Using Snowflake as the data migration workhorse behind the scenes, Wavicle can: 1) rapidly migrate your legacy on-premises data; 2) simplify and speed up your data pipeline; and 3) map out and prepare enterprise-wide, deep data lakes for use with cloud analytics across your entire organization.


  • Unite and enrich internal data sources, like Salesforce and SAP, with diverse external data to enable better efficiency, business insight, decision support, and forecasting capability
  • Safeguard your data through better governance and improved compliance protocols
  • Achieve the highest quality data with true enterprise data lakes
  • Enable self-service and improve productivity with autonomous data visualization/reporting functionality across enterprise business units


As a Snowflake Partner, Wavicle’s data management experts specifically employ Snowflake’s comprehensive cloud-based data warehouse solutions and migration technology to give your organization the momentum it needs to leap to the next evolutionary level in data-driven business intelligence and operations within a secure cloud environment.