Restaurant Data Analytics & Management

Wavicle’s food industry and restaurant data and analytics consulting services help the food industry capitalize on its data assets using powerful, fast, and efficient cloud platforms.


Our restaurant data analytics solutions aggregate multiple data sources and apply machine learning, AI, natural language processing, and data visualization to help restaurant groups, CPGs, producers, grocery retailers, distributors and suppliers drive measurable results.

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From anonymous to advocate with Customer 360

You have CSAT scores, social feedback, transaction data, loyalty data, chat logs, and a slew of other data sources.


Despite all of that data, do you really know who your customers are and what they want?


Our Customer 360 Analytics restaurant data management solution integrates multiple data sources to give you a clear view of your customers behaviors and preferences so you can deliver the personalized experiences consumers have come to expect.

Loyalty starts with listening

Collect, analyze, and respond to customer satisfaction feedback more quickly with ActiveInsights™, our advanced text analytics and sentiment analysis solution for the restaurant and food industries.


Our persona-based dashboards make it easy for your insights, marketing, and operations teams to quickly identify strengths and areas of opportunity.


Paired with other customer feedback, you can use our restaurant data solutions to reduce customer churn, predict future behavior, and drive customer loyalty.

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Deliver a 5-star customer experience – at home

How do you fulfill your brand promise as more customers opt for delivery?


Track, measure, and visualize key metrics for third-party food delivery performance with ActiveDeliver™, Wavicle’s dashboard intelligence platform that illuminates the complete delivery cycle – from when the food leaves until it arrives at your customer’s door.

Better operations begin with better data

Demand forecasting. Order accuracy. Drive-thru and delivery efficiency. Are your operational processes optimized?


Improve performance with our expertise in modernizing your cloud infrastructure and data analytics in the food industry. With integrated data from internal and external sources, you can access real-time data dashboards and visualizations to make better procurement, inventory, staffing, and service decisions – improving your customer’s experience before, during, and after their visit. Utilizing our solutions for data analytics in restaurants means you can have everything you need.

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Food Industry Successes

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One of the world’s largest QSRs

Wavicle has completed 40+ analytics engagements focusing on food delivery, customer experience personalization, store operations, marketing/loyalty, supply chain and more.

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Large Family Wine Brand

For a family-owned company that sells 40+ wine brands, Wavicle defined an enterprise analytics strategy, then implemented a cloud-based solution to support long-term supply planning and direct-to-consumer analytics focused on their tasting rooms and wine clubs.

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Large Restaurant Group

For a well-known national restaurant group of 120+ restaurants, Wavicle helped create and implement a marketing/loyalty-centric data strategy.

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