Modern Data Analytics Consulting Services

Wavicle’s data analytics consultants’ capabilities are deliberately structured around 21st century organizations that increasingly depend on data to drive their businesses.  Because enterprises typically operate under a much leaner business model today, Wavicle clients are often looking for ways to do more with less while accelerating time-to-market for data products.


Well-known enterprises throughout the U.S. use Wavicle’s Cloud-Based Data Analytics services to build and sustain their data analytics modernization programs. With Wavicle’s help, solving your complex business questions just became a whole lot easier. And faster. And less expensive.


  • Combine internal and external big data to better spot and target trends
  • Supplement data from Salesforce, SAP, Workday (as well as many other business-critical commercial solutions) with relevant external data to enable more nuanced business insight, decision support, and forecasting capability
  • Develop self-service decision support with autonomous data visualization/reporting functionality across internal organizations, and improve productivity
  • Leverage machine learning to improve predictive insights into customer preferences
  • Improve operations with automated scheduling, equipment maintenance
  • Develop more effective promotions using demographic/geographic/customer data
  • Build a more responsive customer service model and better monetize loyalty programs
  • Create reports that are more helpful to business users and promote sales and operations collaboration
  • Create a complete cross-channel, cross-product, cross-business unit view of customers


Wavicle is among very few cloud analytics companies in our region with proven expertise in both big-data architectures and data management tools offering artificial intelligence and machine learning concepts.  More simply, we help enterprises imagine new ways to manage costs, increase sales, and become more efficient. Whatever your business goal, we’ll help you tap into the right data and get it to the right place at the right time to the right user.

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