Hospitality companies—hotel chains, convention centers, airlines, trains, and travel tourism—must be attuned and responsive to evolving world events, cultural nuances, volatile markets, and ever-changing customer demand.


As such, Hospitality companies are prime candidates for channeling modern data architectures, big data technology, and advanced AI/ML/RPA processes to help them transform into a more agile, 21st century enterprise.

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The customer is always right and your data can be too

Hospitality professionals can attest that this complex sector requires a deft touch. Social media and customer sentiment play a highly influential role in which positive/negative reviews can have immediate impact on bookings and occupancy rates.


A Customer 360 view pairing transactional data with customer feedback is essential. Get real-time insights that can help you drive customer satisfaction, effectively target the right customers with the right promotions, improve loyalty, and uncover areas for improvement.

Boost your business with a better data management approach

Wavicle provides the advanced expertise and proven experience to help you break free from constraining data environments to improve visibility and responsiveness across your entire enterprise chain:


  • Build and sustain cloud data lakes and data warehouses that best support growing volumes of disparate data.
  • Develop predictive analytics tools to decipher market trends, events, and holiday travel affecting occupancy rates.
  • Automate web-based target marketing to better engage customers and boost sales conversion rates, both internally and through outsourced booking engines.
  • Monitor travel and booking websites – spot and respond to new trends with better product offerings.
  • Create promotions that reflect demographics data – business vs. vacation traveler, weekday vs. weekend occupancy rates.
  • Create promotions around seasonal, weather, and location data.
  • Maintain branding standards.
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Partner with us

The data analytics consultants in Wavicle’s hospitality practice can help you identify the right modern data infrastructure and data management strategy to meet you and your guests’ needs.