Dashboard and Reporting Tool Migration Services

Wavicle’s Dashboard and Reporting Tool Migration Services are invaluable when you’re facing a big migration initiative to pivot from an old to a new BI tool and/or platform.  Your enterprise may have tens, hundreds, or even thousands of objects to migrate. Our accelerator-enabled development and testing services are geared toward getting these jobs done as quickly and economically as possible.


Along the way, Wavicle can help your organization determine how to optimize as well as migrate BI tools.  During the course of these migrate reporting services, Wavicle performs specific, value-added tasks, including:


  • Usage analysis to determine which dashboards/reports may no longer be needed.
  • Dependency analysis to determine which dashboards/reports can be combined.
  • Resource utilization analysis to determine which dashboards/reports might need to be tuned to save run-time costs.


Because it’s essential for our customers that we complete projects quickly and ensure solution quality, Wavicle employs proprietary automated testing tools to conduct testing and document those test results. Wavicle is also equipped provide 24/7 managed services to support Dashboard and Reporting solutions at our clients’ request.


Wavicle’s Dashboard and Reporting Consultants would love to help you devise and execute a rapid migration plan for positive change, with best-in-class solutions that help your business attain a complete view of your enterprise environment in near-real time.

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