Cloud Strategy and Planning Services

Our Cloud Strategy Consulting services embody Wavicle’s commitment to our customer base, that anything worth doing is worth doing really well.  Moving from on-prem to cloud is a once-in-a-decade type of paradigm shift. For these crucial endeavors, our Principal consultants take a leading role in constructing a business-vision focused strategic plan to get your cloud migration initiative off the ground and on the right trajectory from the very beginning.


For today’s digital enterprise, the strategic plan for your future-facing cloud or hybrid environment will be the foundation of your next generation business, and our Cloud Strategy and Planning Services give this reality the respect and attention it deserves.


Our work places your business goals and requirements squarely at the front of your migration strategy, understanding these parameters inform all the pieces and parts that follow. From top-level concepts, goals identification/prioritization, and business process realignment to technical requirements and vendor selections, our comprehensive cloud strategy consulting and planning framework leaves no stone unturned.


Cloud strategy services from Wavicle include:


  • Roadmap creation


The first step in comprehensive cloud planning services? Creating a reliable roadmap. Wavicle consultants help your team develop in-depth roadmaps designed to reduce the complexity of application, infrastructure and data movement to the cloud.


  • Readiness assessments


Readiness assessments determine where your infrastructure and workloads are optimized for the cloud and where more work is required. This provides a baseline for cost, resource and time investment planning to help align cloud moves with business goals.


  • Rationalization assistance


Not everything should move to the cloud. This is the role of application rationalization — determining which applications to keep, which to modify and which to retire before shifting them into the cloud. As part of a larger cloud monitoring strategy, rationalization can help reduce total costs and streamline operations.


  • Migration operations


Moving to the cloud is complex. Cloud migration planning from Wavicle reduces the risks of potential downtime or security compromise and provides an easily referenced framework for companies to see where they are in the process.


Making the Move

Among the leading cloud strategy and planning firms, Wavicle’s proven strategy planning experience will provide the steady guidance your enterprise can count on to create a clear, streamlined path to successful cloud migration. Our talented strategic planners are ready to help your stakeholders craft the roadmap your enterprise can rely on to successfully navigate through its cloud migration effort with confidence and precision.


Ready to make the move? Wavicle can help you navigate cloud migration with confidence. Let’s get started.

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