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This client engaged Wavicle to build a 360-degree view of customers using data from multiple systems and channels to segment customers and create personalized offers.
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Global QSR uses micro-segmentation to improve customer engagement and sales

Getting personal with customers

Fast food restaurants are getting smarter about their customers by leverage data from customer touchpoints – mobile and online apps, kiosks, drive-throughs, and third-party delivery services – to understand what their customers want and how they want to get it.

In fact, with millions of customers worldwide and multiple touchpoints, one of the world’s largest quick service restaurants is leveraging its Customer 360 initiative and micro-segmentation strategy to get to know its customers and their preferences better than ever.

The company wants to provide highly relevant offers that match customer preferences as they relate to menu items, frequency of visits, purchase patterns, sales channels, and more. Rather than relying on mass offers to “macro” segments based simply on geography and demographics, the company will create thousands of micro segments to generate more personalized experiences at any touchpoint.

Customer data platform delivers 360-degree customer view

The company engaged Wavicle to build a 360-degree view of customers using data from all systems and channels and leveraging machine learning and advanced analytics capabilities to segment customers and create offers.

We developed a customer data platform that captures data from more than 50 sources, including point-of-sale transactions, digital analytics, clickstream, customer loyalty program, third-party delivery such as Uber Eats, and privacy preferences. The data is matched, merged, and enriched to create the complete customer profile, which is correlated to omnichannel interactions and transactions.

We built the customer data platform using AWS Redshift with Talend as the data integration platform.

The platform relies on custom algorithms to identify segments and micro segments and build audiences. A custom portal allows the marketing team to choose segments, generate relevant offers, and manage campaigns. Customer responses are captured, analyzed, and used to continuously refine segmentation and offers.

Trusted insights drive better customer experiences

Bringing together all customer data in one place has allowed this company to develop the personalization and loyalty programs that:

  • Drive engagement
  • Increase customer retention
  • Grow revenue

Previously challenged by data quality and latency problems due to the amount of data and varied sources, marketing and analytics teams now have the data and the tools they need to get a trusted 360-degree view of customers and engage customers with more meaningful messages.

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