AWS Migration

AWS Cloud Migration Services

Wavicle’s Amazon Web Services Migration consultants offer the strategy, guidance, and expertise needed to help you migrate and optimize your AWS Cloud enviroment.

Many companies initially approach an on-premises or private data center migration with goals of “lifting and shifting” workloads, databases, and existing applications as a cost-effective method. Our AWS migration services develop a long-term cloud strategy with agility, scalability, and modernization to drive more long-term savings, efficiencies, and innovation.

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“We were able to work with our business users to gather detailed requirements, stand up AWS landscape with variant services like S3, Redshift, Cognito, Lambda, and more services in just 6 months – a massive achievement, which I couldn’t have accomplished without my partnership with Wavicle.”

— Director of analytics and enterprise data platforms

AWS Map Customer Journey

Wavicle, an AWS Advanced Consulting partner, can help you adopt the iterative three-step approach for a migration project to AWS Cloud.

  • Assess

    Our AWS consultants will help you identify your goals, assess where you are in your cloud journey, uncover any gaps in your cloud computing roadmap, and deliver an estimated total cost of ownership (TCO).

  • Mobilize

    During the mobilization phase, Wavicle will help you secure small wins to set the stage for future cloud migration success.

    We determine your migration strategy, align it to business goals, and prioritize existing cloud-native applications and managed services for migration.

  • Migrate and Modernize

    Now you’re ready for the migration process at scale. We look to modernize your infrastructure to the AWS cloud platform — including serverless functions, containers, infrastructure as code, CI/CD, or DevOps that will help you scale and drive innovation.

Accelerate your cloud migration – and the benefits you can gain

Automating your migration to the cloud with AWS accelerators has many benefits – like reduced operational costs, shorter timelines, and fewer mistakes – to name a few. We use pre-existing AWS migration and transfer services for automation.

  • AWS Migration Evaluator

    Build a data-driven business case for migrating to AWS.

  • AWS Migration Hub

    Track your application migration process in a single location.

  • AWS Application Migration Service

    Discover on-premises server inventory and behavior.

  • AWS Application Migration Service

    Simplify and expedite your move while reducing costs.

  • AWS Database Migration Service

    Migrate your databases to AWS with minimal downtime.

Wavicle offers proprietary accelerators for nearly every stage of your migration and cloud adoption, including:

  • Data Ingestion Framework

    Automate the development of ingestion pipelines without custom coding.

  • Wavicle Glue Converter powered by BladeBridge

    Modernize your ETL infrastructure by migrating to AWS Glue in 80-90% less time.

  • Data Privacy Framework

    Discover and manage personal and sensitive data across your entire ecosystem quickly and seamlessly.

  • Database Converter

    Ensure database table structures are accurately converted from one database to another while reducing downtime and database migration timelines by up to 25%.

  • Infrastructure as Code

    Deploy environments for Amazon QuickSight, Amazon EC2, Amazon Redshift, AWS Glue, Amazon SageMaker, and other cloud infrastructure using our Library of AWS CloudFormation configurations.

“For several years now, Wavicle consultants have delivered quality professional services to our organization in the Big Data, Advanced Analytics, and AWS Public Cloud domains. I consider the experience of Wavicle’s consultants to be a key differentiator, and their consultants have a proven track record for delivering reliable consulting services.”

— Infrastructure manager

Continue your AWS Cloud journey

After your migration to AWS Cloud, Wavicle can build customized cloud solutions in your AWS environment for specific business cases.

  • Master Data Management
  • Voice of Customer
  • Customer 360
  • Dashboards and Reporting
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • Cloud Platform Integration

Migrate to AWS Cloud today

Wavicle’s team of expert cloud consultants can help you benefit from the scalability, agility, and cost savings AWS Cloud offers.


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