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Custom AWS Cloud solutions.
Rapidly built. Strategically deployed.

At Wavicle Data Solutions, we know the value of speed. As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we build and deliver custom cloud-based data solutions at a pace that accelerates your growth. Maximize the value of your AWS investments with our expert advice, proven strategies, and proprietary accelerators.

AWS Advanced tier servics Logo
AWS Advanced tier servics Logo

“Wavicle has always provided highly talented AWS consultants that go well beyond my expectations. They were brought in late to the AWS migration process to help another consultancy that was struggling to complete our AWS migration work. Without Wavicle we would not have been able to complete the AWS migration process.”

— Senior IT project manager

Why Wavicle + AWS?

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Comprehensive Cloud Expertise

95% of our team has proven AWS project experience. Our proficiency across the platform means better results.

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Value-Creating Solutions

Our reusable proprietary accelerators and frameworks significantly cut the cost and time needed to adopt AWS Cloud solutions.

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Strong Partnerships

We unite AWS with dynamic technologies for your optimal data and analytics stack.

Wavicle-built AWS Cloud architecture readies company for 100x demand increase.

Vyaire Medical’s growth was hindered by its data environment. Wavicle built a scalable AWS platform to consolidate its data.

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AWS data solutions and analytics services that advance your organization

Executives expect a competitive edge from their data and analytics. Our dedicated AWS teams align your business goals with technology to guarantee success.

Unify your organization’s data and demolish silos

Data silos slowing you down? Wavicle helps multiple clients integrate their data using the Wavicle Glue Converter, Talend, and other leading tools into Amazon S3 data lakes and Amazon Redshift data warehouses quickly and seamlessly.

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Create new opportunities with unstructured data

Turn underutilized unstructured data sources, like voice, voice, and text, into a trove of actionable insights. Wavicle builds custom solutions using Amazon Comprehend, Amazon Rekognition and Amazon Transcribe to empower companies to make decisions they couldn’t make using structured data alone.

Empower smart decision making with smart data

Insights are great, action is better. Wavicle develops a BI strategy and dashboards using Amazon QuickSight for accessible insights to ensure faster and better decision making.

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The world’s largest quick-service restaurant evolved its customer satisfaction strategy with Wavicle and AWS.

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Unlock your full AWS cloud potential

Your business moved to the cloud for scalability and growth. Our AWS team can optimize your AWS platform and services to ensure you hit your goals.

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Cloud Services

From strategy to migration, our AWS consultants can optimize your AWS platform to help you achieve your business objectives.

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Modern Data Analytics

Our analytics consultants ensure you can effectively and quickly use all your data in an AWS ecosystem.

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Data Management

Wavicle will seamlessly integrate, source, and manage your data pipelines throughout your AWS environment.

Migrate your data to AWS Glue in days

Wavicle’s Glue Converter, powered by BladeBridge, reduces ETL migration timelines to AWS Glue by 80-90%, in a simple two-step process.

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