Customer Analytics Solutions

Restaurants, retailers and other enterprises collect customer feedback from numerous data sources including satisfaction surveys, social listening, and online reviews.


ActiveInsights™ is an AI-driven advanced text analytics and sentiment analysis solution that visualizes large volumes of integrated customer feedback data, uncovering key details often missed and letting companies focus on what matters: Turn feedback into action.

Dig deeper with superior text analytics

When complex comments are processed as a whole, the results are less accurate than when parsed into sub-comments that contain unique sentiments and tones. Think of this generalized approach to customer analytics solutions like taking an average. If a user comment or review contains positive and negative feedback elements, the output of whole-comment processing is neutral.


ActiveInsight’s™ natural language processing (NLP) capabilities take raw data from virtually any source and parses complex comments into sub-comments to capture key information typically missed. It then assigns sentiments matched to categories and themes that matter to your business. Consider the example above. Instead of getting an overall “neutral” rating that could see comments lost in the cracks, you get detailed information about each part of consumer sentiments to help create targeted responses. Put simply, customer feedback intelligence is served – just as you need it.

A single view for all of your customer feedback

When customer data is analyzed separately by different customer feedback analysis tools, the outputs are siloed and disparate. This opens the door to potential misunderstandings around customer priorities and preferences. Best case, customers are willing to follow up with detailed feedback to help drive effective response. Worst case, they take their business elsewhere.


ActiveInsights™ integrates customer feedback data across channels, functions and geographies into a powerful cloud-based data warehouse and displays it in a clear dashboard.

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Collect and aggregate millions of unstructured data points from surveys, social media, email, chat, and more in near-real time

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Analyze customer comments accurately using advanced natural language processing

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Identify opportunities to improve operations, enhance products, and build loyalty quickly

Fewer clicks, better outcomes

Scan overall trends or dive into details in just a few clicks. Our easy-to-navigate visual dashboard empowers food industry marketers, leaders, and operators to turn high volumes of data into meaningful information that drives bottom-line results.


ActiveInsights™ improves the speed, completeness, and accuracy of customer feedback analysis up to 10x faster and 70% more accurately*, enabling insights teams to identify customer feedback trends in near real-time.


* Results are based on a specific client’s usage and may vary.

Giving voice to value

Customer experience analytics solutions are often called voice of customer tools, and with good reason. Given the on-demand, omnichannel nature of online interactions, it’s critical for companies to meet customers where they are, not where they want them to be.


Achieving this goal means more than discovering where customers are in their journey to conversion. It requires active listening on the part of companies to determine what’s driving customer interest, where they’re encountering issues, and how businesses can improve.


Text-based sentiment analysis forms the front line of this voice to value effort: With many customers now opting for email, text or social messaging over phone calls or in-person interactions, companies need a way to separate comments or concerns into their constituent parts and then identify areas that require improvement.


Advanced, accessible and AI-driven customer analytics tools from Wavicle make it possible for your brand to capture consumer data on demand, understand what users are really saying, and create customer context at scale.

Case Study

World’s Largest QSR Improves Customer Satisfaction with Superior Voice of Customer Tool

A leading restaurant chain needed a robust, scalable voice of custom solution to collect, analyze and act on over 95,000 daily customer comments.


Wavicle partnered with AWS to help them capture all of their data, analyze it with over 80% accuracy using natural language processing, and provide insights in near real-time.

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Superior text analytics drive superior business outcomes

ActiveInsight’s™ natural language processing (NLP) capabilities parses complex text comments into sub-comments to capture key information typically missed by most text analytics solutions.


So, you can be assured you are making the right decisions using the right data.

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